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Love Local Food Restaurants – Windsor, Ontario

Calling all self proclaimed Windsor foodies! Below we have a short list of restaurants that have inspired us – from a 100% plant based cafe to a carnivores heaven, check out these restaurants that serve a fresh array of local ingredients.

Rino’s Kitchen & Ale House, Windsor ON - Gastro Pub

Rino’s Kitchen & Ale House, Windsor ON – Gastro Pub

Rino’s offers the best local flavours Essex County has to offer. True to the farmers who provide them with their fresh array of local ingredients, they’ve built their business model on hard work, passion, and good food.

This passion extends itself vibrantly throughout the establishment as they showcase the farmers, winemakers, brewers, and producers that have supplied them with the feast that rests before your eyes when you sit down for a meal at Rino’s. They want you to know them, their names, their product, and the derivatives that make up each one.

In addition, Rino’s looks to up the opportunities for you to experience the fresh local food they source by offering a unique and ever-changing line-up of cooking classes. Available to children and up, these classes include everything from in-house butcher demos to beer and wine pairings.

Although their menu changes as frequently as the seasons, Rino’s clientele stays committed through and though. This is no doubt related to the comfortable and quaint atmosphere they add to their down-home farm to table philosophy. Dine at Rino’s and you may just be sitting next to the farmer who created the conditions for your beet-root salad to grow.


Carrots N’ Dates, Windsor ON – Cafe

Carrots N' Dates, Windsor ON - Cafe

This 100% plant-based cafe sources all of it’s food locally and GMO free whenever possible. Specializing in gluten-free and serving food made only with the freshest, finest ingredients possible, Carrots n’ Dates believes that food governs the system in which our energy, health, and overall wellbeing are defined by.

Owner/Operator Neviana grew up influenced by the powers of fresh food. From her grandparents backyard in Bulgaria, to her upbringing in South Africa, and her eventual arrival in Canada, she fell in love with healthy cooking and began a quest to live mindfully with food.

Her real passion is to help people realize their own full-circle way of living by inspiring her fellow humans to eat better, be kinder to themselves, and exercise everyday. She travels the globe attending seminars, cooking classes, and sampling different cuisines all to harness her findings and transpire them through her thoughtful cafe.

Quite clearly, Neviana doesn’t stop at retrieving the goodness of local organic crops, at Carrots N’ Dates she looks deeper to source the connection between body and mind via food. Her dishes are mindful and have purpose beyond the taste – evoking power, beauty, and wholesome energy from within.


Bread Meats Bread, Windsor ON - Deli

Bread Meats Bread, Windsor ON – Deli

Bread Meats Bread is a the first of many (hopefully to come) food-focused destinations committed to resuscitating the recently deserted Downtown Windsor.

Huddled together on a block in downtown Windsor’s Chatham Street and holding out on the strong belief that if you build it (and you make it taste good) they will eventually come. This deli keeps it’s focus on made by Windsor for Windsor as it seeks to heal what used to be her most thriving system, the urban core.

Boasting handcrafted Italian Street Food (however it is not likely you will find anything imported from Rome on the premises) Bread Meats Bread sources their ingredients locally whenever possible. They choose their selection based on quality, region, and sustainability. And around here, we at Love Local call them bragging words. With rights.

Almost everything in the BMB kitchen is found within SouthWestern Ontario including meats from Tilbury, produce from Leamington, craft beer from rotating local breweries, and Pop Shoppe Pop from Burlington (a former Windsor native).

Block by block, gentrification has to start somewhere and if it happens to be through our stomachs via healthy sustainable food nestled between thick slices of homemade bread, well, that’s even better.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed it’s the only thing that has.” Margaret Mead.



By Catherine Mombourquette

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