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Ontario’s Fall Harvest Produce

Cool weather has arrived here in Ontario so get ready to swap the sandals for boots and t-shirts for sweaters, because it’s here to stay!

With the arrival of cooler weather and the closure of many outdoor farmer’s markets, it’s very easy to assume Ontario grown and produced foods are no longer available. Lucky for us that’s not the case! There are many Ontario farmers who continue to produce and grow nutritious and delicious fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products well into the Winter months!

Not only can you eat local in the Fall, but you can help support your local farming community by committing to buy local. Thanks to the Foodland Ontario’s Availability Guide, we have a comprehensive list of fruits and veggies that are available, even in these chilly months.

Filling your fridge with some of this local in-season produce will help inspire creativity and bring variety to your home cooking.


What are some of your fall favourite recipes that highlight local produce? Share with us online! Tweet us @lovelocalfoodca.

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