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Turkey Grilling Tips

Courtesy of Ontario Turkey

With barbecuing becoming an increasingly popular way for people to cook, especially during the warmer months, here are some tips to try when grilling turkey breasts to ensure delicious, moist meat:

  • If you are using a boneless skinless turkey breast you can butterfly it so it is thinner and can be grilled over a higher heat for a shorter period of time
  • You can start the whole turkey breast on a higher heat, like medium high, and sear or make grill marks on both sides of the turkey, then reduce the heat to a medium low to let it cook slowly
  • You can also, if you have the bone in turkey breast, sear the fleshy side first and then turn it over onto the bone and reduce the heat to medium or medium low and let it cook longer on the bone side so the breast stays juicy
  • Your grill may be hot or have hot spots so try to keep an eye on those spots and keep the turkey away from that

Another option is to cook the turkey breast on indirect heat – where you heat up only one side of the grill to medium high and then place the turkey breast on the unlit side, close lid and let it cook for about 25 minutes. This is essentially making an oven in your barbecue. If you add some smoking chips this is a great way to add a ton of flavour as well. See the instructions on the smoking chips bag for further details.

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